Learn forms in html

Hyper text markup language(HTML) is the markup language which is used by the browsers to interpret any web page in human readable form/view.  With this article i going to describe the HTML form tag functionality and its properties.  I assumed that you knows the basics of HTML before reading this article.  If not then don’t… Continue reading

ID and Classes in CSS

This article explains the basic meaning and the need of ID and Classes in CSS(Cascading style sheet).  We use CSS mainly to decorate presentation side of any web page on the web.  Many fellow developers also had some discussion over Table layouts and CSS layouts before above concept.  Most of them feel that table layout… Continue reading

Difference between Quad Core and Dual Core processors for Android

As Android continues its monopoly in the mobile OS market, there are millions of peoples who likes android enabled mobile devices for their entertainment. We can see day by day consistent growth of android enabled devices in the market. Many of us purchases android phones with general specifications in mind, like processor power, RAM, interactive… Continue reading

Popular open source ftp softwares

Open source software’s are very much popular these days than commercial software’s. As it brings down the start-up cost of the business’s, so every start-up and enterprise owner prefers to use open source software’s. Mostly we saw open source software’s in tech industry, where these software gives an edge to entrepreneurs. However, commercial software’s also… Continue reading

Style rules in css

Cascading style sheet is used for creating responsive web pages. We can control the look of the web pages by defining its elements with attributes in one file. However CSS has included wide range of properties to support cross browser applications. This article belongs to the style rules in CSS.  In this article i have… Continue reading