Attract more Profile Views on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a leading social network for professionals. It provides a unique platform for all working professionals, where they can showcase their work profile, hire qualified professionals, connect with each other, outsource work and many more. You can become a member of LinkedIn by agreeing its terms of use at free of cost. However, LinkedIn is very strict in following their policies, so do not spam or exchange abusive, violent, adult content on this platform.

LinkedIn offers a basic platform to every professional by creating a simple professional profile online, which further connects with other professionals.  Every professional connection interact with each other profile before accepting a specific connection. By exchanging such connection, many professionals receives valuable results in recent times, which helps them to establish their businesses and virtual identity in a successful way.

A successful professional grows at fast pace as if his profile views are higher than other professional’s on this platform. So to connect precisely with relevant(or right) professionals then you may follow below mentioned tips to increase your profile views on linkedIn.

1) Update your Profile

Always try to Update your professional profile to attract more profile views among other professionals. For instance:

a) You can update your LinkedIn profile and background picture at regular intervals to give a fresh look to your profile. This may boost the growth of your profile views.

b) You can also update your education, skills, projects, job and many more properties from time to time to attract more profile views.

2) Share Latest Updates

Try to share fresh, meaningful and focused status updates at regular intervals. Do not share spam content or upload bad scripts on your profile, as this will invite LinkedIn to terminate your account.

increase profile views on linkedin

3) Stay Connected

A successful professional connection could give you the business lead or hire you as per your profile description, so always connect with the relevant professional of your domain(targeted profession). Try not to send too many connection request to  whom you don’t know as a working colleague or friend. If you keep sending such random requests then LinkedIn could block you.

4) Join Group

LinkedIn group are the best way to share common topics, problems and other related subjects. Every group have their own members and possess the right to invite more members. Users are advised to join a relevant and targeted group which matches your profession. For example: if you are from HR industry then you could join “HR Jobs” group. As this can increase your profile views.

5) Follow Company

Following a specific or group of companies could brought your profile into the limelight. Many companies are always tries to search qualified talent on this platform by viewing their followers profile in this way.On the bright side you also have the upper hand of subscribing their updates by following them. In this way you can stay updated with the latest trend and opportunities from specific or group of companies.

6) Follow Influencer

Influencer’s on LinkedIn are the individuals from reputed sector throughout the world. They writes and share their valuable experiences/facts on LinkedIn via articles. So by following them could give a good exposure to your profile in front of the worldwide professionals community, which means you have the bright chances to increase your profile views.

7) Read & Comment on Articles

LinkedIn Pulse works like a live feeder for fresh articles and news. You can take the advantage of this live feeder by reading and commenting on fresh articles to increase your profile views. As when you comment on any article then it appears at both your profile and influencer profile as well.

Note: Users are advised to stay updated with latest policies updates by LinkedIn from time to time. Do not over-send connection request to unknown connections, as it appears a spam connection to LinkedIn.

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