7 virtual tips for online shopping

Online shopping is one of the fastest evolving trend in the virtual world. It is continuously growing with its affordable, cheap, free home delivery of products and other advantages among shoppers. Many shoppers saws online shopping as a alternative of in-person shopping at Malls or other supermarkets. The inception of the ecommerce giants like  Amazon, Flip kart, Snapdeal also boosts its importance in online world and shows many positive aspects of online shopping in recent times.

But as comfort brings disadvantages, so online shopping is also shaping in a virtual platform for fake products on the web. Daily we can see fresh cases of selling fake products over the ecommerce portals. According to the Indian reputed organization (ASSOCHAM), it has been founded that fake or illegal products are being sold by scammers under the big names at fast pace in Indian markets. And online ecommerce portals are the best targeted platforms of scammers. So to spread awareness among common users(shoppers) against such fake or scammy products on ecommerce portals, i have shared few important tips for online shopping in this article. Let’s know about them one by one.

Virtual Online Shopping Tips

1) Always do online shopping on reputed ecommerce portals to purchase your desired products. Review look and feel & return policy of the ecommerce websites before purchasing specific products. Try to Avoid shopping on such websites where seller information(like phone number,address etc) are not mentioned alongside the products.

2) Quality of product images on ecommerce portals is also a key point while considering any ecommerce website for shopping. If the image quality is low than the actual image then you need to take caution or go for other alternative websites.

3) Always do research for desired products before purchasing them from ecommerce portals for their genuineness and availability on the online stores. Shoppers also need to know about the details of such big products whether those luxury products under big names are being sold on ecommerce portals or not. Generally, shoppers purchases such cheap products under big names before knowing whether they are genuine product of the big names or not.

online shopping tips

4) Try to research the prices of the desired products in the offline market before purchasing such products from online stores. Always double check the difference of online and offline prices of the desired products.

5) Every products comes with a specific serial number or bar code. So always check the genuineness of the product by calling to the product company or by visiting their websites.

6) Always remember to take the receipt or bill of the purchased products from the online stores. This can be a very useful proof in case of any prior damage to the product or product dis-satisfaction. You can use this receipt or bill to charge back your money against defected product.

7) Product rating and reviews on online stores is very important while considering to buy any specific product. If product rating and reviews are against the product then try to purchase same alternative product or you can choose other online store for shopping.

Note: Many big names products are not directly sold on online stores. They uses their own online shopping process. So always check the credibility of ecommerce websites, use reputed ecommerce names for shopping, review return policy and terms & conditions before purchasing your desired products.

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