4 tips to protect yourself online

Internet is a giant web where spiders like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others places their home for various audiences worldwide. They provides their well known services to individuals, corporate sectors & other institutional organizations to complete their requests or needs. They also uses their best techniques to protect user’s identity and data online. But apart from this particular fact, there is a wide audience also exist over the web who is unaware of the key myths and facts of the online security. As resulted scammers easily targeted such user’s who are new to internet or unaware of online security measures.  However, nowadays many Government , Non-Government & Corporate organizations conducts seminars to educate their employees against any cyber theft or crime.

As this article is also based on the online security measures for user’s & companies, so i would like to focus my readers attention on the regular or basic online security crimes and their safety measures. With this article user’s can protect themselves by applying below mentioned simple tips. The core objective of this article is to spread awareness among user’s against online safety. So let’s understand how and why online safety is must for us ?

Online Security Measures

Secure your Online Accounts

There are many real time instances exists and happens regularly which reveals how user’s do basic mistakes by letting their online and financial accounts open for hackers and scammers to compromise their accounts. We usually feels that hackers won’t inject their tricky algorithm’s to our computers as internet is big enough to target other computers. But this is not true every-time, as hackers or scammers continuously uses their automated systems and algorithm’s on weak computers to steal their confidential data. Hackers can steal data within seconds from compromised computers. So always change your password for all online accounts once in a month to avoid any serious trouble with your online accounts.

Note: User’s are advised to create alpha-numeric password for their accounts to avoid or minimize any online thefts.

simple online safety tips

Always update your Antivirus

Antiviruses and Firewalls of computer’s protects user’s systems from known threats. They also defend and notify your computer’s for malware or any other bugs. But many user’s do not pay attention to their antivirus or firewall settings and invites hackers or scammers to inject vulnerable code to steal sensitive information from their computer’s. So readers are advised to use latest and updated antivirus software’s for their computer’s. You can also apply latest updated patch for your operating systems, application software’s and other required applications at regular intervals.

Note: Always remember to scan your computer once in a week for any malware or viruses.

Don’t do Lazy Internet practices

Your safety is in your hand. So, don’t do below mentioned lazy internet practices such as:

a) Try to avoid accessing your banking transaction from public places such as cyber cafe’s and unsafe WiFi hotspots.
b) Do not share your confidential data on social media accounts, as it may invites scammers to trick you with their mouthwatering web offers.
c) Always log out from your accounts before leaving your computer’s, as anybody can get easy access to your logged in accounts. .
d) Always download any banking apps from verified sources.

Secure your Confidential Data

Nowadays we saw a sharp increase in stealing confidential data from computers, phones & within organization. Hackers steal and sell confidential data to needed individuals, which further leads to “data leaks”. Users can avoid such things by securing there sensitive data with password or any strong encryption technology.

Note: Always remember to protect your computer and sensitive folders with strong password. As if hackers get the access of your computer then he/she can recover “deleted files” with their hi-tech automated tools.

Readers may also considers to store their sensitive data on cloud or dedicated servers with password protected features. There are many leading companies in the market who offers such services but SingleHop is one of the best leading company who provides the customizable cloud services with strong IT infrastructure, 24×7 dedicated support & highly qualified engineers.

Above mentioned tips are the basics of online safety and are not limited. Nowadays there are many service providers in the market who provides data security services to their clients. I hope above tips would surely helps you to stay safe online.

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