Things to know about promoted tweets in twitter

Online marketing on social platforms is the latest virtual way to promote business’s on the internet. With online promotion many business set various innovative virtual trends to attract and convert visitors into their customers. Business owners targets web audience by tracking their virtual interest, behavior and other online activities to promote their business related products…. Continue reading

Save your battery life on android phones

Smartphones are the best tech gadgets among youths and adults. With Android and iOS(operating systems) boost, every smartphones comes with its best features. Dual core processors, Wide display area, High RAM makes smartphones different than other gadgets. Everybody wants to explore its advanced features, but battery life of the smartphones is the main concern among… Continue reading

Application Components in Android

Android operating system is the most popular open source platform for mobiles. These days many leading mobile companies integrate android into their handsets to offer flexible services to clients. As supported by one of the strongest object oriented language(JAVA), android shows flexibility and efficiency among various devices. In this article we will understand the few… Continue reading