Importance of Privacy Policy for Online Business

Privacy policy is the key pillar of both online and offline business’s. It defines the working nature of a particular organization/company in a particular sector. However, online business’s used privacy policies to notify users about their basic technical & administrative processing.

With this article i tries to explore the need and importance of the privacy policy for website/blog. I also mentioned the key points of the privacy policy, which somehow alert a user about their online behavior on any website/blog. So let’s understand the important facts of the privacy policies, which could help users before doing any important financial or related transaction on any website/blog.

Need of Privacy Policy

Updating Visitors about Collection of Information

Many websites does service and product oriented business. And for this they regularly update their websites according to the latest market trends and visitors behavior on their websites. Generally such behavior based tracking done by automated bots. That’s why online business’s regularly updates visitors about their most important policy of “Collection of Information”. They explains What, Why & How their business use visitors information to upgrade their websites and other related things which could help visitors to surf smoothly.

Note:  Generally Online business’s collects virtual information to upgrade their application user interface, technical flow and virtual data for analyzing from users.

How Collected information processed

Online business’s follows the rule of “transparency” among their competitors to attract more customers. That’s why they also explains the processing of collected information under their privacy policies. However, nowadays many online businesses also offers 24/7 technical support to brief users about this particular point.

Importance of Security

This is a very common and important aspect for any user/visitor, who regularly visits or does financial transaction online. To achieve this trust of the users, business’s mentions their security measures on their privacy policies. They always tries to convince users about the security measures for their confidential data on their websites.

importance of privacy policy

Third Party Inclusion

Giving or processing services under any third party service provider to accomplish users requirements is a common process. Online business’s always mentions such third party service providers under their privacy policies for users. By doing this, online business’s alert users about any partnered third party services providers before using their services. This also helps users to avoid any online scams or frauds by online business’s.

Usage of Cookies

By mentioning the usage of cookies under privacy policies might be a wastage of space but, somehow this helps users in a technical way. As cookies personalize and remember user settings for any particular website, so this is a worth point to mention under privacy policies to educate users.

Legal Issues

Every online business always tries to maintain good professional bonding and faith with their customers. But sometimes unwanted technical glitch, administrative processing of business services and customer issues breaks the chain of the established faith. So to overcome any such issues which could be violated by customers or business services itself, business’s also mentions the process of involving legal entity/organization to solve such cases.   Many online business focuses this point as a very crucial section under their privacy policies to process any legal issues.

Miscellaneous Policies

Apart from above mentioned points, sometimes business’s writes or may need to mention any business specific policies to explain users about their product or service based policies.  So they writes such policies under their Miscellaneous section.

Note: Writers are advised to understand business and its services before writing privacy policies for online or offline business. And always try to review your policies at regular interval to avoid miscommunication between business and customers.

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