5 tips to click perfect selfie

Taking own photographs via handheld digital devices and cameras is a new trend nowadays. We widely spells these kind of activities as a “Selfie“. Many of us posts millions of selfie’s daily on our social network to keep ticking our status updates. We sometimes set these selfie as profile picture, which furtur visualize our identity on social networks. But clicking a perfect selfie is also an art and many users didn’t know about the basics of clicking a perfect selfie. As resulted they ended up in deleting blur selfies or unable to click a good one. So let’s know about the few selfie tips to click perfect one.

Basic Selfie Tips

1) Choose Best Smartphone

Clicking a good quality selfie needs quality camera on smartphones. Commonly many smartphones comes with 1.3 VGA front camera, which clicks ordinary images. Many users tries to click selfie from back camera which usually is not good choice while clicking a perfect selfie for your profile picture or your desktop background. So always buy high quality smartphones with atleast 2 mega pixel of front camera for a perfect selfie.  HTC M8 and Lenovo Vibe are good phones in this category.

2) Clear Any Dust

Generally dust is the common reason for blur selfies. Users activities on smartphones such as talking on phone, texting for long time or lack of safety guard for phone invites more dust and sweating on phones. As resulted we experience blurness while clicking a single or group selfie. So users are advised to clean any dust or other unwanted particles from your smartphones before clicking a selfie.

perfect selfie tips

3) Adjust Light

Light is a very important factor while clicking a single or group selfie. If we have bad light while clicking photos then we might experience bad pictures. We should adjust light according to the specified environment to click high quality selfies. Nowadays smartphones also comes with auto-lighting and flash features to facilitates users for clicking images without any worry.

4) Adjust Body Position

User body position is also a very important point while clicking a selfie. Before taking a selfie always adjust and check your face position, whether it is in a right direction or not. You can also click random selfies to pick a good one. If you want to click your own selfie then adjust your smartphone close to your chest to focus it on yourself. Always try to remove your hand from camera lenses while clicking photos. Users can also take their full selfie with their smartphones by adjusting themselves little right or left in front of mirror.

5) Be Simple and Formal

Clicking a perfect selfie is like healthy competition for good profile or background pictures among friends and colleagues on social networks. To achieve a applauds from your family or friends circle, users tries extra thing on themselves such as putting extra facial make-up, using extra bright colour for clothes and other trendy stuffs. And as resulted they ended up in a collection of ordinary photos. So users are advised to be simple and formal while clicking selfie or group photos, as this can highlight your image.

Note: Above selfie tips might varies according to the users surround environment and other unwanted factors. So always remains with the basics of clicking a perfect selfie instead of applying more things on it.

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