Safety tips to protect yourself on facebook

Facebook is the leading social networking website in the world. It facilitates users to stay connected with each other by exchanging status updates, chat messages, tagging and with other advanced features. Around the world millions of people likes and comments on each other updates daily. But while exchanging personal updates on facebook, there are few other bad virtual elements also existed who likes to deface users profiles. However, many regular users at facebook knows their privacy settings to block such kind of bad virtual elements to protect their account.

While exchanging status updates on facebook profiles, we unknowingly leaks our secrets to bad virtual elements. For example: if we don’t share our status updates to right audience then anyone can know our location by reading our status update, which is not good in terms of privacy.

There are few other things for which an unknown virtual stranger can scan your profiles such as:

a) Anybody can take advantage of your poor privacy settings and may know your contact number.

b) An unknown virtual stranger can also deface/morph your family or personal images with the help of latest photo editing tools.

c) Your office location, email id, SSID number, PAN card number could be leaked by setting poor privacy settings.

d) Unknown “Likes” & “Abusive Comments” on one’s profile wall is not a big surprise these days. This is a latest trending activity on most social networking websites, due to weak privacy settings.

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Facebook Safety Tips

Many facebook users knows about basic privacy settings, but they ignore them. As resulted many facebook users complains about their profile has been hacked by stranger or his/her photo’s has been morphed to create another profile. But in this article i have mentioned few known/unknown safety tips for readers to protect themselves from any virtual problems with facebook. Specially women’s are advised that they must adopt these safety tips while accessing facebook to protect themselves from any abusive virtual incidents.

However, facebook has implemented many known privacy settings to protect their users from outside users. But in this article i have mentioned few important privacy settings with which an user can protect their account from any virtual abuse.

Note: Facebook updates their privacy settings from time to time, so readers are advised to stay updated with latest updates from facebook.

Who can see your updates:

Users can protect their updates by clicking on small “Lock icon” on the right side of your notification bar. Under this setting a user can define that who can see his/her future posts and also able to limit the audience for the shared posts with friends of friends or public.

Who can contact you:

Users can also mention that who can send you a friend request into your profile by clicking on the same “Lock icon“. This will reduce spam or unwanted peoples to add in your profile. You can also restrict strangers from sending any abusive or spam messages to you by applying “Strict filtering” option in privacy settings. By default it is set to “Basic filtering“.

Restrict your daily social activity:

You can also customize your daily status, images or any other desired updates to the right audience with whom you wish to share your updates. While posting any post you can define whether you want to share your post with your “Friends“, “Any special group” or with “Public“.

Share carefully “About you”:

On many facebook profiles users shares their contact numbers, email-id’s and other important things, which should not be shared in terms of individual privacy. Anybody can track or know about you by using your profile information. As latest instances shows that “Cloned profiles” of users are very much in trend. You can also customize your about us information with right audience by selecting for “Public“, “Friends“, “Friends of Friends“, “Only me” and with “Custom“. So only share needful things in your “About” profile section.

Protect yourself from unwanted tagging:

Tagging is a new feature in facebook used by many users to stay updated with latest happenings. But many times users tagged unwanted users to their updates or users don’t want to tagged themselves in other updates. So in both cases user can protect themselves or can set permission by reviewing any tagged updates by friends before they appear on your timeline. You can set permission to review any tagged update in “Timeline and Tagging Settings” of your privacy settings.

Note: Users are advised to think before sharing any status update in your facebook profiles, as it may hurt other sentiments or give strangers a slight advantage to know about you. Always try to limit your future posts to the right audience.

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