Side effects and Solutions of the Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets are one of our daily needs in this advanced era. We can’t expect our daily life without tech gadgets. As this article focuses on the gadgets side effects and their solutions, so readers are advised to use their tech gadgets carefully. However, this article will throw some light on the gadgets use and their drawbacks on individual’s life.

Commonly people’s are addicted to four technical gadgets such as:

a) Gaming console
b) Computer, TV Screen
c) Mobile, Tablet
d) Headphone

All above gadgets are very popular among users these days. But with their comfortable usage, they also invites some health disorder(side effects) to users. As these side effects are common these days, so users must know their solutions to minimize their negative virtual impact on their life.

Popular Tech Gadgets

Gaming Console

These days Gaming Consoles gripped their beautiful 3D fever on children’s and adults as well. It is very famous among children’s and getting addicting to this gadget is no surprise for us. But with its exciting view, it brings few health disorders while playing games for long time intervals. So let’s know about their side effects and solutions for users.

Side Effects:

i) Gaming Console also comes with screen attachment, so it can harm your eyes just like other gadgets such as computers, cell phones, TV’s.

ii) The moving objects of small screen and large console of portable gaming console can stress your eyes heavily.

iii) Gaming is considered as one of the high “Concentration Activity” among gamers, so stress on the eyes is a natural syndrome these days.

iv) Taking wrong siting positions while playing games may invite Servical or Spondylitis problems among users.

v) Frequent use of thumb at console can cause Carpal tunnel syndrome, where wrist and thumb hurts regularly.


i) Don’t get too much addicted to Gaming, otherwise it may disturb your normal life.

ii) Gaming may cause Computer Vision Syndrome among addicted users.

iii) Outdoor games should be promoted by parents among kids instead of indoor gaming.

iv) Adults also need to take care about their health while playing games with Gaming Consoles. Try to restrict yourself around 1 hour a day with gaming consoles.

v) Try to play only those games where wrist and thumb won’t hurt by playing activities.

vi) Give rest to your wrist and thumb at regular intervals, as it will minimize the pressure.

side effects of tech gadgets

Computer, TV Screen

Computers and Televisions are our best tech gadgets. Both gadgets are used by almost everyone on this planet. As growing need of both gadgets maximize its popularity, but on the other hand it also cause few side effects to users, which results in stress and other health issues.

Side Effects:

i) Both Computers and TV’s comes with LCD and LED screen, which flicks at specified interval. However, generally we don’t feel these flicking activity but it may harm our eyes.

ii) Due to un-proper distance or angle of computer and TV screen can also hurts our eyes.

iii) Watching TV’s while lying on the bed or sofa can hurts waist and neck areas.

iv) Wrong siting positions while working on computer can also cause back and neck problems.

v) Watching TV’s for long time may also hurts your neck.


i) Make distance of around 3 times of your TV screen size while watching TV’s. For example: If you have a 29 inch TV, then make minimum distance of around 87 inch while watching TV.

ii) To save more house space, try not to place your TV at higher height.

iii) While watching TV or working on your computer, always try to move your shoulders and neck clockwise. It will relax your body.

iv) Try to minimize your TV and Computer screen contrast level at low point. As high contrast means more light on eyes, which is not good for eyes.

v) Always consult your doctors if you are the victim of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Note: Users are advised to use flicker free screens for their TV and Computer screens. As flcking screens forces viewers to view for long intervals, which results stress for eyes.

Mobiles & Tablets

If we talk about most widely used gadgets, then we can easily predict about mobiles. The craziness of mobiles among individual’s is very high than any other tech gadgets. However, Tablets, iPad, Phablets have also established their presence among users but mobiles topped the charts among tech gadgets.

Side Effects:

i) Watching mobiles and tablets for long intervals can dry your eyes. As resulted it may cause itchness or red eye syndrome to users.

ii) Talking on mobiles by holding device on shoulders or ears may cause pain in your neck.

iii) Taking wrong position while using mobiles and tablets daily may invite Servical problems.


i) Always flicker your eyes approximately 12 to 14 times while watching mobile or tablets screens. It may minimize any stress impact on your eyes.

ii) Try not to read any big messages or ebooks on mobiles or tablets for long time. User can take breaks while reading any long ebooks or any important messages/emails.

iii) Try to bend your neck in right position while accessing mobiles or tablets.

iv) Adults are advised to promote outdoor activities among kids instead of playing with mobiles, iPad’s or tablets.

v) Always switch off your mobiles while sleeping. If this is not possible then keep your mobile away from your bed.


Headphone is the emerging tech gadget in the tech industry. From cellphones to computers everybody uses headphones, but its regular use can minimize your hearing ability.

Side Effects:

i) Listening high volume songs, movies in headphones can harm your ears.

ii) Wearing and listening music on headphone while walking on the street or any other place can invite any unpredicted accident. It also causes concentration problems among users.

iii) If we listen 85 decibel sound for 8 hours daily, then we can face low hearing ability.


i) Try to minimize your regular usage of headphone, whenever possible.

ii) Don’t use Noise blocking headphones.

iii) While listening music, try to slow down your headphone volume in peace environment.

Note: Readers are advised to use their tech gadgets within limits. Excessive usage of tech gadgets can cause health disorders.

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