Must follow Rules of XHTML

XHTML is an enhanced strict version of HTML for web browsers. However both languages used for web development but different from each other in many ways. Many loose rules followed by traditional HTML makes a way for XHTML to comply with web standards in a strict manner. World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) also encourages new web… Continue reading

Types of software licenses

Since from the inception of computer and its components, Software’s plays an important role to build complete computer systems. It connects users to computer via plug and play user interface. These days many software manufacturers provides more features to promote their software products among users. Few of them divide their software products by license. Software’s… Continue reading

What is Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the biggest advertising network of Google in virtual world. It helps advertisers to promote their business’s by online advertisement. Google Adwords is completely based on Keywords, Ad Rank, Bids, Quality Score and Ads Placements. All these terms explains its clean workflow. In other words, Google AdWords works in three simple steps such… Continue reading

Secure your accounts with 2 step verification

In virtual world cyber crimes are rising so fast by exploiting web users personal details. Cyber criminals use spam emails, phishing attacks and other technical modes to deface users technically & financially. Many top government agencies and popular websites including Google, Twitter, Linkedin has expressed their concern over rising virtual crimes. As resulted many tech… Continue reading

How to optimize feedburner feeds

Google feedburner service is a very popular service among bloggers,podcasters and publishers from various domain. It provides latest feeds to subscribers from original website content. These days many publishers use this free feature to reach worldwide audience instantly.  Feedburner was originally launched in 2004 and later it was acquired by tech giant Google that’s why… Continue reading

Difference between java and javascript

Since the inception of internet many programming and scripting languages have been evolved and designed the functionality of the browsers. Among of them java and JavaScript are the two popular languages which shares the similar technical concepts. Both languages provides flexible complexity to any web application. However, with JavaScript Liveconnect functionality we can communicate java… Continue reading

What is heartbleed bug

Internet is one of our daily needs as we mostly spend our time to surf on internet for needful transactions. Our virtual network is full of expected and unexpected happenings. From Google to Twitter all big names assist visitors to experience the web differently. But in recent times many virtual attacks has also showing their… Continue reading

SQL select statement in nutshell

Database is the most important components of any web application. Many organizations spend their handsome revenue to build and secure database of their customers to develop and market products. These days many new cloud technologies and advanced database models provides flexible and secure gateway to build secure database. Technically database includes all the complex logic… Continue reading