What is Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the biggest advertising network of Google in virtual world. It helps advertisers to promote their business’s by online advertisement. Google Adwords is completely based on Keywords, Ad Rank, Bids, Quality Score and Ads Placements. All these terms explains its clean workflow. In other words, Google AdWords works in three simple steps such as:

a) Users create their ads in adwords panel which further appears besides Google display network or Search network.
b)  In this step people clicks on ads when they found ads similar to their search query.
c)  After clicking on ads peoples knows about your business.

Note: Above mentioned steps are the short and basic workflow of Google AdWords.

Benefits of using Google AdWords

With its worldwide popularity in online world, Google shows its monopoly by introducing Google AdWords as advertising network to benefits users. Google AdWords is the most popular way to boost sales for any business on the Internet. One can also control their online campaign and budget according to their requirements.

what is google adwords

Google AdWords provides many benefits to its users to grow their business’s such as:

a) With Google AdWords advertisers can reach their desired audience by setting cost-per-click (CPC) for their ads. They can also specify their targeted location, targeted display network for their ads to be appears in.

b) Google AdWords Display Network gives extra advantage to adwords advertisers which covers almost 80 to 90 percent of online population alone in USA.

c) By giving full control of budget to advertisers Google AdWords ensures complete authority to advertisers. Advertisers can create, pause and delete their ads anytime without sending any email to Google AdWords.

d) Real time reporting in Google AdWords is the big bonus for advertisers to know about their customers behavior such as:

i)   How many customers connects with your campaign ?
ii)  How many customers comes from specified targeted location ?

And many more.

e) There is no minimum spending criteria with Google AdWords.

f)  Google AdWords charges advertisers when any interested customer or individual shows their interest by clicking on their ads.

g) Advertisers can improve their ads by editing their ads with AdWords tools.

How Google AdWords works

Google AdWords works basically with the help of Keywords, Placements, Ad Rank, Bids and Quality Score. Any advertiser can begin their business campaign by minimum understanding of these mentioned terms. So keeping this in mind i mentioned all these terms briefly in this article. Let’s understand these important terms one by one.

a) Importance of keywords in Google AdWords

Keywords are the main pillars of any online campaign. Many Advertisers use keywords related to their business for promotion. But minimum understanding of keywords can ruin any campaign. So we need to understand the importance and use of keywords in online campaigns.

Generally we refers “keywords” as word or phrase which can help ads to display on search network. To improve the performance of ads, we must choose specific keywords while running any campaign instead of general keywords. For example: If we run Car selling campaign then we must choose specific keyword related to this campaign such as: ‘Sell your car’, ‘contact us to sell your car’ instead of ‘car’.

b) Placements of ads

Google owns many websites to show advertiser ads on its display network. By creating ads with the help of specified keywords advertisers can control their ads placements on Google display network. Google shows advertisers ads on its display network according to the matching keywords to websites in display network.

c) Determine ads position with Ad Rank, Bids & Quality Score

In case of using same keywords by many advertisers Google AdWords shows advertisers ads according to the Ad Rank. We can simply define Ad Rank by specifying advertiser bids for ads, Quality score and ad extensions. However, Ad Rank can be managed by advertiser by specifying minimum or maximum bid amount for ads.

Note: Placement-targeted ads on Google use cost-per thousand impressions(CPM) bidding and in this case quality score is based on the quality of landing page.

But Quality Score depends on relevance of keywords, quality of landing page and your ads clickthrough rate(CTR). This kind of Quality score is for keyword-targeted ads on Google and its search partners.

Note: Advertisers are advised to follow Google AdWords policy for showing their ads on Google display network. Always Stay updated with latest Google AdWords policies before starting any business campaign.

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