Importance of algorithm

Systematic approach is the need of our daily life. Since from the age of computers we somewhere relies on its advanced technical workings. From the iPod to supercomputers, peoples are now more advanced to understand and complete their task in seconds. They likes to enjoy their work while listening music or downloading video files from the web. But many of us didn’t even realize the internal working of the gadgets or computers. We only care about the output for the desired action.

So with keeping this in mind i would like to share an article about the importance of an algorithms and its role in latest tech gadgets to solve daily puzzles. Before starting this article i would like to define algorithm for all readers to understand its working easily.

What is algorithm ?

In simple words “An algorithm is a well defined computational procedure that takes some value or set of values as input and produces some value or set of values as ‘output’ “. In other words we can call algorithm a “Problem solving tool” in computer science.

For example: While playing games on computer we need more memory and system resources to play it smoothly, so to solve such complex computational instructions(programs) we use different-different algorithms via operating system. So in this way algorithm provides solution to any complex computation indirectly.

importance of algorithm

Problems solved by algorithms:

Algorithms are not only developed to solve complex instructions within computers but it can also solves real world programs/instructions on the web too. There are lots of real world examples where we use algorithm’s to get desired output. I have mentioned few real time examples below, which shows the importance of algorithm’s.

Google Search Algorithm’s:

Google is the popular search engine worldwide.  It generates millions of search queries everyday, some of them are complex and some are simple queries.  Google manages all these queries through algorithms such as its Indexing algorithms, Safe-search algorithms, Site and page quality algorithms, Google Instant and many more.  All these algorithms control user search criteria and show results according to their queries.

In other words we can say that “Google is operated by series of algorithm’s which controls user behavior and usage”.

Online Money Transaction:

This is the easy and best way for any individual or corporate house to pay their bills, to buy some accessories from eCommerce stores and to purchase many more things electronically.  But many of us didn’t know how our personal bank account and pin number processed by banking gateway while doing any transaction.  Many service providers use secure payment gateway for banks to complete any transaction safely.  All leading credit card companies like Master Card and Visa keeps user information such as credit card numbers, passwords and bank statements safely.  All this process is internally managed by some complex algorithm’s on backside to provide un-interrupted services to users.

Space Research Programs:

Usage of computer algorithm’s plays an important role in space research programs, where mostly all massive calculations are managed by high-end mainframe computers enriched with complex algorithm’s.

Note: Algorithm’s also plays an important role in deciding which processor(Intel i7,i3,i5 etc) is best for any complex computation/problem.

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