Save your battery life on android phones

Smartphones are the best tech gadgets among youths and adults. With Android and iOS(operating systems) boost, every smartphones comes with its best features. Dual core processors, Wide display area, High RAM makes smartphones different than other gadgets. Everybody wants to explore its advanced features, but battery life of the smartphones is the main concern among users. As resulted few myths are  growing ups in the market as smartphones eats more battery than regular phones.

Keeping user issues and myths in mind i have explained few common tips to save battery life of your android smartphones by minimizing extra battery usage. Users only need to monitor their smartphone usage for any extra battery consumption. So let’s follow few important tips to reduce battery consumption of your smartphones in minutes.

How to Save Battery Life on Android Phones ?

Battery Usage

Always try to check for applications, which consumes more battery than other applications. You can do this by visiting Settings –> Battery Use on your smartphone. If you feel that any existing application has no longer required and consumes more battery power then uninstall that application.

Exit from Unused Applications

While using any applications on smartphones we sometimes forgot to exit from those applications, as resulted they runs in the background of our smartphones. And this consumes more battery power. So always exit from your unused applications properly to save your phone battery.

save battery life in android phones

Disable Auto update of Applications

Most Applications regularly updates from Application Store in android phones automatically, which further consumes more battery power. We must offauto update” feature of the applications to save battery power. To do this users need to visit Play Store settings to set this to “Do not auto update“. Next time your applications won’t get auto updates from Play Store. You need to update those applications manually to get latest updates, if necessary.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Smartphones screens consumes more battery power. Bigger smartphones screens and high resolution means extra power consumption. So always try to minimize your smartphone brightness to 40 to 50 percent, which will save your battery consumption. Your eyes also won’t get hurt by extra brightness of your smartphones. However, you can increase your smartphone brightness while moving in sunlight.

Minimize the Usage of Vibration Mode

As Vibration mode needs more power to vibrate our smartphone, so try not to put your smartphone under vibration mode. You can change this into “Sound and Display” settings of your smartphone.

Switch off your WiFi

Always switch off your Bluetooth,WiFi and GPS when not in use by your smartphone. If you forgot to “OFF” your WiFi then it will consume more battery by searching for more WiFi networks. You can switch off your WiFi by visiting your smartphone WiFi Settings.

Note: Usage of any Live Wallpapers in smartphones or Animation in applications also consumes more battery power than stand by mode. So try to disable such activities on your smartphones.

Stop Camera or Video Recording

Always avoid camera and video recording, when your phone says “Low battery“, as both features needs more battery power than other features. The heatness of smartphone is a another indication of high battery consumption while using smartphone. So in this case you need close unused applications to save your smartphone battery.

Timeout of the Screen

Low timeout of the screen means long battery life of your smartphone. So always try to set minimum timeout for your smartphone screen. You can do this by adjusting “Sound & Display –> Screen Timeout” settings on your smartphone.

Minimum usage of Mobile Data

As Mobile Data enables internet connectivity in android phones, so users are advised to enable mobile data when required in case of low battery. It will save your smartphone battery at some extent.

Note: All above tips are for android phones and phone settings might differ on various models. iOS users may adopt these tips at some extent. Readers are advised to use your smartphones carefully as these smartphones are like Mini Computers in your hand.

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