Basic steps to start Company Page on LinkedIn

Professionals on LinkedIn are growing day by day, as it becomes a popular professional platform among web visitors. In recent times, many small to large scale enterprises and corporate houses books their presence on LinkedIn. To promote their presence many companies hires and outsource special teams of social marketers and experts on behalf of them.  However, social activities on LinkedIn(or other social platform) is a vital source of marketing for any business. This growing social presence on such a big professional platform allows companies to explore their business objectives, working culture and other related social activities.

LinkedIn offers Company page feature to showcase firm’s portfolio on its platform. It allows companies to showcase their company background, career opportunities and other useful insights which could help companies to generate business leads or for hiring purposes. But sometimes we missed small things while creating a brand new company page for businesses. As resulted it ended up in a half informative and paragraphs of cluttered content. So to create a attractive and well informative company page on LinkedIn, you can follow below mentioned tips for your company or brand.

1) Be Clear & Straight

Every company page on LinkedIn is a brand or a social presence on this platform. So try to be clear and straight while mentioning your company, organization, brand name & official logo on your LinkedIn company page. As this will give a professional overview to other professionals about your business’s.

2) Describe Honestly

Description of your brand or business on company pages is very important in terms of its presence and reachability on LinkedIn. Always try to mention about your core objectives and targeted work industry on company page. If you copy/paste repeated paragraphs for your company description, then the professionals will not get back to your company page next time.

Note:  LinkedIn algorithm’s closely watches spammy content and professionals round the clock, so be alert while mentioning or updating any important updates on your company page and LinkedIn profile.

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3) Be Precise

Professionals on LinkedIn are so smart as they likes to follow companies or brands in their targeted skills, education and relevant industries. So try to be precise while mentioning Company type, Company size, Website URL, Targeted Industry, Operating status and other related options on your company page. As such options are very important for your brand or business popularity on LinkedIn. This may also drives more followers to your company page, which could help your company in a good way.

Now, I am sure when next time you will create your company page on LinkedIn then you will remember this point as a key “Point”.

4) Update Consistently

Updating your company page at regular intervals may attract more followers to your company. For example: you could update a recent company acquisition, latest career opportunity, knowledgeable discussions or other helpful activities. It can give business leads to your company because when someone follow your company then it will automatically update on his/her professional profile as an “Update”. So in this way connections on their profiles may follow your company.

Tip: You could use LinkedIn API to embed Company Follow button on your other social profiles to drive more professionals to follow your company.

5) Use Analytics & Sponsored Updates

This way helps many businesses to understand the mood, trend and other useful insights to improve updates engagement among professionals. You could also track your followers growth to customize your content(updates) as per the flow(trend) in the industry. But, if you are looking forward to establish your brand or company on LinkedIn in a broader way, then LinkedIn offers “Sponsored Updates” feature to its users. By using this feature your company can generate useful business leads, hire right candidates & reach wide user-base on LinkedIn. It also improves audience base of your company page.

So now it’s time to create a new company page for your business & applying above tips on LinkedIn. I hope you find this article useful. If you have any more suggestions then comment or leave your messages on my email address :

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