Popularity of Adsense among Bloggers

Undoubtedly Google Adsense is the best source for business owners,bloggers and other related online business’s to earn money while displaying advertisement on their web portfolio or websites. It allows publishers to customize their ads placement, looks & sizes. Bloggers community always love to being a part of the adsense program. They always tries to give their best on their blogs to impress Google to approve their applications. However, adsense follows strict application process to protect their advertisers from spam publishers.

Bloggers Loves Adsense

The bloggers incline towards the adsense program shows their interest in blogging and to earn money with their blogs. Such immense popularity comes with adsense positive outcomes. But in recent times banning of publishers & lack of transparency on adsense policies by Google also raises the eyebrows on the Google comprehensive adsense program. As resulted many bloggers(adsense publishers) shed their frustration related to the adsense program on social networks.

However, this is a other side of the story, as other successful publishers have their positive views about adsense program. As resulted bloggers still loves and prefer adsense on their blogs/website inspite of knowing such real facts.

Reasons of Adsense Popularity

Highest paying network

This is a very popular reason of adsense popularity among bloggers. Every novice(fresh) blogger or writer wants to participate and earn thousand of dollars from adsense program. To achieve this objective they writes fresh and knowledgeable content to attract visitors on their blogs, which sometimes give bloggers few dollars to maintain their blogs and runs passive income along-with the regular job.

Note: Here new bloggers are advised to not to create or write blog for money making. Always try to write fresh and knowledgeable content to attract readers on the blogs/websites.

adsense popularity among bloggers

Partnering with Google

Adsense allows publishers to partnering with Google via its online program. Many Successful bloggers gets online support and recommendation from Google adsense team at regular intervals, which further allows them to stay connected with this program. So this is also a very important fact while considering adsense program for blog/website monetization.

Can attract more Advertisers

Bloggers can attract other advertisers by maintaining their adsense account on their blog. As this symbolize Google trust on the publisher blog/website, which further benefits publishers. A blogger can easily negotiate with advertiser if he/she have enough amount of web traffic on his/her blog.

Helps in Business Growth

Google Adsense program helps bloggers to manage and grow his/her online business to new heights. One can easily analyze “Performance reports” in adsense panel to review business prospects and ads performance.

Ads Control  & Customization

Adsense program allows publishers to show advertisements according to the user interests by automatic targeting. Bloggers can easily pick ad blocks of different sizes and formats according to their needs. Such customization of ads is the key point of this program.

Adsense Multi-Language Support

Multi language support in adsense program attracts worldwide bloggers to its network. In this program publishers can choose ad serving language while creating a new account for their blog/website. As resulted this benefits publishers to run this program on multi languages blogs/websites. In short, publishers can show ads on their blogs in various languages supported by adsense program.

Note: Placing adsense code in a blog/website which doesn’t support adsense languages is prohibited by adsense policies. Please read the “adsense languages support”, before applying for this program.

Key Note to Publishers:  Always try to read adsense program policies before applying to adsense program as it can simplify the application process.

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