Things to know about promoted tweets in twitter

Online marketing on social platforms is the latest virtual way to promote business’s on the internet. With online promotion many business set various innovative virtual trends to attract and convert visitors into their customers. Business owners targets web audience by tracking their virtual interest, behavior and other online activities to promote their business related products. However, many online business’s have lots of success stories to justify their decision to promote their business on the internet.

Twitter is one of the best and popular social platform for online business’s to promote their business in front of millions of online visitors. Twitter facilitates advertisers to promote their business’s or general tweets on their platform. Unlike other social platforms twitter also sets flexible billing system and tweet policy to curb spam and abusive comments. But among of its best features, “Promoted tweets” is very popular among followers at twitter. So let’s try to explore the key points of the “Promoted tweets” feature of twitter.

1) Promoted tweets in twitter is like other normal tweets. We can reply, retweet, favorite, embed and block promoted tweets just like other tweets. It can includes hashtags,website links and rich media contents.

2) Advertisers can target “Promoted tweets” according to the geographic location, gender, virtual interest, keywords, language to the non followers at twitter. While on the other side we can’t target normal tweets just like Promoted tweets.

3) Promoted tweets can displays in user timelines, search results for promoted trends, twitter search results, twitter third party clients and twitter official desktop and mobile clients.

4) Promoted tweets enables advertisers to target their promoted campaigns to particular followers and at specific times.

5) Promoting tweets by targeting them to the specific platform or devices is a popular way to attract specific device oriented visitors for promotion of the product.

6) We can target Promoted tweets by similarity to the existing followers. Twitter also allows to analyze the promoted tweets activities by providing personal analytics dashboard to the advertisers, where advertisers can easily track their promotional activities.

7) Advertisers can promote normal tweets as a Promoted tweets and also create a new Promoted tweets. There is only one promoted tweets will appears in the user’s timelines and uniquely market as the “Promoted” with advertiser/business name.

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Why Promoted tweets

Many readers and twitter users oftenly discusses this topic. For example: If we are able to post normal tweets for our business or to express our views at twitter then why should we use Promoted tweets. So let’s try to find out the answer of such questions by understanding few important points related to promoted tweets such as:

i) This is the easiest and ideal way to reach targeted followers in short time than normal tweets.

ii) We can easily target our promotional marketing/general message and events to both existing followers and non-followers.

iii) Promoted tweets allows advertisers to set bids for their promotional tweets. It deducts bidded amount, when users engages with their promotional tweets as promotional tweet impressions are free.

iv) By relevant targeting, it helps business’s to promote their business and associated products at twitter. As resulted this increases the success graph of business’s.

Note: Advertisers, Readers and Business owners are advised to go through the twitter advertiser policy to start with the Promoted tweets at twitter. Do not try use spam or abusive promotional tweets which could hurts sentiments of other twitter users.

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