Best self publishing platform for writers

Self publishing of books on virtual platform is the latest trend among writers/authors. These days many well known and novice writers likes to follows the virtual way to publish and promote their books among readers. They breaks the jinx of traditional publishing with their creative and innovative writing skills. The concept of the self-publishing gives an opportunity to writers/authors to become a freelance editor cum book designer. However, delivering a quality content consistently is the key to survive in this industry for writers/authors.

Self-publishing of a book motivates young writers to showcase their writing skills in front of the readers. The main advantage of the self-publishing is that the copyrights of the book remains with the author and there is no need of any middleman for book selling. It has now becomes the best alternative of the traditional publishing. The Promotion of self publishing book on the social networks has also increased the revenue graph for authors, which is a great motivation for new writers/authors. This article also highlights the five best self publishing platform for authors to publish their books. So let’s know about them to pick your best publishing platform for your first book.

Best Self Publishing Platforms


This self publishing platform is founded by Eileen Gittins. In 2006 Eileen launched the world first platform for creating,printing and publishing independent books. The main objective of this platform is to create beautiful, amazing,incredible books together. Authors at blurb has already created and published millions of books in wide domains such as: travel books,children books,cook books, Photo books and many more. Blurb promotes its authors with their innovative writing skills to virtual audience.

Blurb offers Book-making tools for every kind of book-maker with standard pricing menu. Blurb also provides their services like Print on demand, Large orders, Offset, Distribution, Bookstore, Shipping and Color management.

Publish your books with Blurb


Lulu is the leading independent self-publishing company, which was founded in 2002. It is headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. USA. Lulu is founded by Bob Young with the objective of publishing books and bring them into the market, while allowing authors to retain full control of their work. Lulu is available in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.

Lulu provides worldwide distribution so that the authors can reach readers just about anywhere via print, e-readers and tablet devices. It offers various services such as publishing, printing, book selling, hire an expert, bookstore and forums.

Publish your books with Lulu

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CreateSpace is an amazon company. It provide free tools to self-publish and distribute your books over the internet retail outlets, your own website and other bookstores, retailers, libraries and academic institutions. With CreateSpace you can sell books, CD’s and DVDs while maintaining more control over your materials.

Publish your books with CreateSpace


Xlibris is a book publishing company and on-demand printing service provider which was founded in 1997. It was created by authors, for authors. Xlibris provides self publishing services to the creative writers/authors. They have in-house publishing professionals who are always ready to help author in publishing their books. The main objective of Xlibris is to create and deliver first class quality books, to deliver on time with budget friendly pricing.

Xlibris facilitates authors with many publishing advantages with them such as:

a) Author can retain all the rights to their book.
b) Complete control of the book design.
c) Author can publish quickly.
d) Author can have paperback, hardback and e-book availability
e) Author’s can target their market.
f) Royalty on every sale of their books. and other advantages.

Xlibris comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, add-on, and marketing services enables authors/writers to customize their self-publishing experience. Xlibris offers publishing packages and services like Add-on services, Marketing services, Editorial services.

Publish your books with Xlibris


WEbook is an online community where authors/writers can share their works and get feedback’s from other authors/writers. WEbook brings writers,published authors,readers and established literary agents to one platform where they can exchange their views and knowledge. WEbook believes in collaborative community input for creation of the perfect book. Helping and encouraging writing talent through the community contribution is one of the key objective of WEbook.

Publish your books with WEbook

Note: Generally many authors do not plan their second book and likes to rely on one book for success, which could hurts their motivation in case of failures. So authors should plan their books to reach out the readers community and earn some handsome revenue.