How to unlock blackberry Z30

With thousands of great user reviews, Blackberry Z30 stands out as one of the most preferred phone model till date. Launched during late 2013, this model has been increasingly preferred for its large touchscreen, seamless 10.2 OS and appealing design. The phone’s anti-reflection coating is extremely helpful, allowing users to easily view the screen in outdoors and even direct sunlight.

A recommended Smartphone model, Blackberry Z30 has set for itself its own target customers. Those who wish to do business and yet not lose the Smartphone feel are perfect buyers for this model. And those planning to buy one should know how to unlock it.

Procedure to Unlock Blackberry Z30:

Unlocking your Blackberry Z30 may initially not seem very important. However with time you’d realize that it is tough to stay with a restricted network service provider always. And most of all, why should you be compelled to take services from a specific connection provider when you’ve loads of available options? If you do not understand what unlocking means, read the below:

“Unlocking a Smartphone simply means that you make your phone device compatible of being used with any SIM in the world. When you buy a Smartphone, it is usually locked with a software-based lock code that enables you to use connection services of a specific network provider. And to be able to make your phone usable with any network you need a unique code.”

unlocking blackberry phone

If you have a Blackberry Z30 and you want to unlock it, the process is pretty simple and quick. Remember that it is 100% legal too. So if you thought that unlocking your phone is unlawful and may reduce your phone’s resale value – you were wrong. Unlocking phones in most cases is legal, and we provide lock codes only for devices where it is authorized.

The process of receiving Blackberry Z30’s unlock code is quick and easy. Kindly follow below mentioned steps to unlock your phone:

  1. Obtain your phone IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your keypad
  2. Mention your phone’s current network service provider
  3. Place an order from various unlocking service providers mentioning the IMEI number, current network name and email ID
  4. After that you will receive the lock code instantly on your email-id.

How to unlock your Blackberry Z30 ?

  1. Switch off your phone and place the new (non-accepted) SIM card.
  2. When the phone asks for ‘SIM network unlock PIN’, enter the 16-digit unlock code sent on your email-id.
  3. Your phone is ready to be used with any SIM in the world.


  • You’d feel great once your Blackberry Z30 is unlocked. That’s because you’d be free for a lifetime to use any network connection on your device. This means that unlocking is just a onetime process that gives you freedom for a lifetime. Another great factor is that you receive the unlock code instantly.
  • The most important benefit of unlocking phones is for those traveling abroad. Unlocked phones allow you to be with any network thus saving your cumbersome roaming tariffs. All you need is a new SIM and you can easily use your Blackberry Z30 with any connection of your choice.

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Note: This article is for educational & informational purpose only. Please read the phone manual before doing any changes to phone.

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