Difference between Adwords and Adwords express

Google Display Network is the first choice of every advertiser for their online business these days. As Google offers various services along-with their advertising products, so business owners likes to take the advantage of the wide reach of its display network. Google offers various advertising solutions to its users but Google AdWords and AdWords Express are the preferred choice of many business owners. Both offers their wide reach in the virtual world and facilitates 24 X 7 technical support to its customers. However, both advertisement tools are famous for giving instant results and better ad performance to its users.

This article explains and gives a deep insight to readers before choosing their ad tools for product promotions.  After reading this article you will be able to choose between AdWords and AdWords Express for your online or offline business. So let’s see the difference between both ad tools(by Google) one by one.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a very famous ad network among advertisers. It offers a perfect online marketing solutions to its advertisers. It gives full control over ad campaigns and their management by easy to use dynamic dashboard. AdWords provides few advantages to its advertisers such as:

a) AdWords confirms “Pay Per Click” (PPC) rule for advertisers, In other words AdWords deducts money from advertiser account when someone clicks on their ads.

b) Advertisers can manage their ad campaigns independently. They can change their ad bids, ad structure, keywords, ad format and other required components.

c) AdWords shows ad’s throughout the globe, so that advertisers can target their audience according to their desired locations.

d) AdWords gives instant results and customer satisfaction to advertisers.

Similar to its advantages Google adwords has few disadvantages such as:

a) Google AdWords does not have automated management like AdWords Express.

b) Advertiser must have a website with proper business objectives to approve an AdWord account.

c) Frequent changes in Adwords policies is also a key point of frustration among advertisers in recent times.

Working model of Google AdWords

AdWords works primarily on keyword basis, as advertisers defines keywords for their ads in adwords panel. It offers complete ad management to advertisers. When web visitors clicks on the exact or similar phrase of ads on search results or any Google partner sites then adwords deducts defined bidding amount from advertiser account against clicked ads.

AdWords also gives an option to advertisers to show their ads on the right hand side of Google search results or associating partner sites. It also facilitates advertisers to change the ad formats(for eg: text ads, video ads) according to their ad campaigns.

difference between adwords express and adwords

AdWords Express

AdWords Express is a best choice for those business owners who want to start their business as soon as possible without doing any ad management or spending extra times on adwords express panel. As this dynamic Google product growing at fast pace, so let’s take a quick view of its advantages such as:

a) AdWords Express also follows “Pay Per Click” (PPC) rule like Adwords. It also deducts amount from advertiser account when someone clicks on defined ads.

b) It offers advertisers to attract more visitors to their business website or Google+ page.

c) AdWords Express is a fully automated ad panel. It runs ads for its advertisers. However it also needs some minimum ad management on its panel.

d) AdWords Express also displays advertisers ads on various websites, which contains related content to advertisers business’s. This advantage is only for US advertisers.

e) Advertisers can also advertise their text ads on Google and Google Maps.

f) AdWords Express allows advertisers to review their ad performance and related activities on the dashboard.

AdWords Express also have few disadvantages compared to its advantages. So let’s take a quick look at few of them.

a) Advertisers can’t show their ads on other Google partner sites.

b) AdWords Express do not have advanced ad formats compared to AdWords.

c) AdWords Express allows advertisers to target their ads geographically for few countries such as: US, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom. In other words advertisers can target their ads for above countries by radius, city, state, and country. But, for the rest of the world it limits to locally(15 mile to 40 mile radius).

Working model of AdWords Express

Advertisers can use AdWords Express to advertise their ads on their business website, Google Maps and Google+ page. AdWords Express helps advertisers to displays keywords according to their nature of the business’s. It maintains and updates keywords from time to time for advertisers. In order to smooth work flow of ads, advertisers needs to manage the dashboard from time to time. AdWords Express deducts amount from advertisers account as per clicks flow on their displayed ads.

Note: AdWords Express advertisers can advertise their ads without any business website.

As both advertisement tools drives potential customers to the business’s, so there is no advantage of using both ad tools at the same time. Readers are advised to use only one ad tools at same time . If you use both ad tools at same time then your ads will be competing with each other for similar phrase. Hence, there is no use of using both ad tools at same time. Google also recommends one advertising product at one time to avoid any confusions in ad management and related activities.

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